October 27, 2022


Note from Chief Instructor:

Dear Members,
I have been giving a lot of consideration to our current membership dues policy.  Our dues were
set at $100/mo some fifteen years ago. I have not made a change in all this time because, to
me, the practice is priceless, so it felt arbitrary to put a price tag on it. I also know that $100 is
not the same for everyone.
Given this, I would like to implement a sliding scale dues policy.  Starting October
2022, you can choose from the sliding scale list below that best suits your life situation.
Whatever your reason, be it financial, schedule, or otherwise, it is the act of supporting the
dojo that is important.
On a personal note, I would like to say that I never wanted to be concerned with how the art
and my work in it were monetarily valued. At the same time, I can’t understate how important
it is to me to know that it is valued. I am grateful to all of you who take care of paying
membership dues every month. It shows me that you value what you have found here.

George Lyons
Chief Instructor
Bucks County Aikido

Contributing membership level 1 = $50
Contributing membership level 2 = $75
Sustaining membership = $100
Supporting membership level 1 = $120
Supporting membership level 2 = $140