May 10, 2017

Kenshusei Program

The Kenshusei program is for those who wish to engage in intensive training by being involved in all aspects of dojo life. A requirement of training hours, dojo duties, and service to the community are all a part of this program. Applicants must be 3rd kyu and up and commit to a minimum of four months at a time.


The following is a list of guidelines applicants should consider before applying. It is a starting point that shouldn’t be thought of as a complete list. Certain aspects may be more intense for some and negotiable for others. The situation of each applicant will be taken into consideration.

  • Training in Aikido a minimum of ten hours/wk
  • Training in Iaido weekly
  • Attend all zazen in the dojo
  • Attend all BCA events, including sesshin, and at least two outside events a year
  • Support the membership in free practice for a least one hour per month
  • Engage in your own free practice at least one hour a week
  • Coordinate and help with daily chores in the dojo (cleaning, maintaining membership records, recording classes, greeting and assisting visitors)


Should your life circumstance allow you this chance to throw yourself into training through the Kenshusei program there will be additional opportunities including:

  • Regular interviews with Chief Instructor
  • Opportunities to lead class in dojo with feedback

A period of intensive study will hopefully be a great help in discovering your true self and potential in life. Though it may ultimately prove to be a positive turning point the training will no doubt be challenging. When points are reached where we are unwilling or unable to see how we might mature further in ourselves and in the art, it’s natural to feel stuck and frustrated. This frustration can turn inwards on yourself or outwards to put blame on others. In either case the dojo will continue to be a mirror to push you further. The commitment to break through to new levels of perception is the task of a Kenshusei.

You will be encouraged to write regularly during your time at BCA. The training will not last as long as it might sometime seem and a journal will be helpful now and in the future. In addition, from time to time you will be asked to write for the dojo journal Enso about your experiences.

For more information about our Aikido Kenshusei Program please contact us.

“A written regulation is only the surface and a fragment of the principle of discipline.  The essence of discipline is found within ones conscience.  True strength of virtue is best cultivated with a spirit of self-sacrifice and actions carried out when there are no eyes to see them.  Therefore, daily life and training should be led by ones own conviction and subjective attitude, seeking neither recognition, praise, nor return for what has been done, but making practice be about Silent Work.”

TK Chiba